More than 10 mass graves of civilians found so far in Kyiv region, most in Bucha

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mass graves

More than 10 mass graves of civilians have been found in Kyiv region so far, but this figure is not final, reported.

“So far, we have found more than 10 mass graves of civilians in Kyiv region. Most of them – eight – are located in Bucha district, the most massive [killings] took place in Bucha, so there were 40 and 57 bodies, respectively. And, unfortunately, this figure is not final,” Chief of Kyiv region’s National Police department Andriy Nebytov said during the nationwide telethon.

Nebytov noted that 418 bodies had been found and examined in Bucha alone, and more than 50 percent of those people died not in the mine blast or under rubble but from gunshot wounds.

“These crimes are terrible, and they are recorded. And thus, I hope, the russian aggressor will be brought to justice,” he said.

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