Those who think that putin only needs Ukraine are deeply mistaken – Kuleba

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Those who think that putin only needs Ukraine are deeply mistaken, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, was cited as saying by at a joint briefing with his Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio in Kyiv.

“I’d like people in Italy and other European countries to understand that putin attacked all of us. He is attacking Ukraine with missiles and tanks, but he’s also attacking Italy with high, artificially created energy prices, inflation, and his propaganda. We’re in the same boat,” the top diplomat said.

The head of the Foreign Ministry added that Ukraine will definitely win, but it needs to walk this path in order to prevent russia, which is a blackmailer, from winning.

Kuleba added that he had coordinated with his Italian colleague the steps regarding the informal EU foreign ministerial next week, where the top diplomats will discuss the sanctions pressure on russia and the general European policy towards Ukraine in its military and financial respects.

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