It’s time to open second front against russia – fifth President of Ukraine

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open second front

Ukraine’s allies should open a second front and provide Ukraine with even more weapons, and ammunition, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told the BBC.

“Now is the time to introduce a new form of cooperation. Our reserves, our warehouses are empty. They need to be replenished. After all, putin’s real goal is not Ukraine. This is his war against the whole Western civilization. And, perhaps, this is a rather distant comparison with the Second World War and Great Britain, but ‘What was done then?’ The second front was opened!,” Petro Poroshenko reminded.

“Unity is a key component of Ukraine’s strength. The world will no longer be what it was before 24 February. Now we live in a completely different world. And it doesn’t matter if President Zelensky is experienced or not, we in Ukraine are all united. We are all together. We have been demonstrating this for 19 days now, and we are doing it very effectively. I will do my best to ensure that President Zelensky goes to the talks as a strong leader of a united country that is respected around the world,” Poroshenko said.

“We have managed to destroy putin’s scenario. And this is a very important thing that we have to show a position of strength on our part … If Ukraine stops firing, there will be no Ukraine. If russia stops firing, there will be peace. It’s very simple,” the fifth President said.

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