Intercepts: russians order to kill captives in Luhansk region

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kill captives

russian occupants have been ordered to kill the Ukrainian captives in Popasna, Luhansk region.

This is according to the intercepted phone conversation of the russian soldiers Ukraine’s military intelligence revealed on Wesnesday.

In the conversation one of the servicemen is heard telling, in a broad hint, that all possible Ukrainian captives must be ‘let go for good’.

‘What can I tell you, [we must] keep the senior [of those captured] for Chander (obviously, the nickname of the russian unit commander) while others should be ‘let go for good’. Let go for good. So that no-one ever, including their relatives, would see them [again]’.

Such commands, Ukrainian intelligence emphasizes, come as another proof the russian invaders acts as ‘murderers, rapists, and looters’, and their actions must be taken as war crimes violating all the international norms.

As reported, russia plans to use Ukrainians from newly occupied territories in hottest spots of undeclared war.

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