Hodges: The main phase of Ukraine’s counteroffensive has not yet begun

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The main phase of the counteroffensive has not yet begun, but Ukraine is on the way to expel the occupiers, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, who commanded the US Army in Europe between 2014 and 2018, was cited as saying by espreso.com.

“Ukraine has embarked on a path that will lead to the liberation of Crimea and the expulsion of russian troops from Ukraine. Therefore, the start of a counteroffensive is an important step for Ukraine, but its main phase has not yet begun,” he emphasized.

According to the general, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are putting pressure on the defense of the russian Federation, looking for weak spots, confusing the enemy as to where the main offensive will continue.

I expect that in the next few weeks, we will see much more success and progress, Hodges added.

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