Grand jury in Cleveland investigates money laundering by Ihor Kolomoisky

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A US federal grand jury in Cleveland is investigating massive money laundering of PrivatBank deposits into US real estate by Ihor Kolomoisky, BuzzFeed News reports.

Kolomoisky and his partners reportedly became the largest commercial real estate investors in Cleveland, owning 2.8 million square feet, including “a 484-room, luxury hotel in Cleveland with lakefront views and a 21-story office tower…with vaulted ceilings and murals that once featured the largest bank lobby in the world.

This case could be a tough test for President Zelensky, who once starred in a comedy show on a TV channel owned by Kolomoisky and had a personal relationship with the billionaire.

With no existing extradition treaty between the US and Ukraine, Zelensky could face a difficult decision as to whether they would stand in the way in case of an indictment or allow the process to unfold.

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