Support Ukraine and find a response to challenges from russia – Borrell

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The EU must support Ukraine and find an adequate response to challenges posed by russia, EU High Representative Josep Borrell said during the Annual German Ambassadors’ Conference 2020. The full text of his speech has been published on the website of the European External Action Service.

“To the east, we must support Ukraine and strengthen ties with all Eastern Partners for sure. But we also need a frank discussion on how to handle a russia that feels emboldened to challenge important common European security interests. We need to have a selective engagement with russia on the issues that matter to us. This is not contradictory with being firm. We need a smart balance between firmness and sanctions with russia with a careful attempt at engagement in selective areas,” Borrell said.

“We need to buy gas, but they need to sell. So let’s invest in reaching a better understanding among us where each of us comes from and how we can build trust to move forward together,” he said.

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