Empty baby strollers in Lviv central square. Ukraine commemorates children killed by russians

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commemorates children

Lviv commemorated Ukrainian children who died due to the russia’s war against Ukraine putting 109 empty strollers in central Market Square.

‘Empty prams on Rynok Square today symbolize the lives of little angels. They are now defending Ukraine’s sky instead of decisive actions of the world. This is a terrible price of war that Ukraine is paying today. We call on all adults around the world to stand as one shield to protect Ukrainian children and give them future’, Lviv mayor Andrii Sadovyi wrote on Facebook.

According to the official statistics, already 109 children were killed because of the armed russian agression. The real number though can be much bigger.

The mayor of Lviv also called on people to urge governments of other countries to close sky over Ukraine and to spread the news about russia’s war crimes on social networks with the hashtag #closethesky.

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