Don’t look for compromises with putin, it would invite further aggression – Poroshenko

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compromises with putin

Caught in self-made trap and paranoid picture of the world, suffering casualties both in blood and treasure, putin has switched to Plan B: level our cities and kill, starve, and break our populations into submission, the Fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said at the Ukraine-EU Parliamentary Association Committee.

“There is no doubt that putin’s invasion of Ukraine, unprovoked and premeditated one, will set the tone for geopolitics over the next half-century or more.

This goes way beyond Ukraine and even Europe.

As Ukraine’s President who saw the first days of putin’s invasion back in 2014, I know that if he gets away with what he is doing in Ukraine, he will not stop here.

And other authoritarians in other parts of the world will follow suit.

We shall not allow it to happen.

Our European friends, whom putin believed to fall apart, have surprised him with its unity so far.

This is just the beginning of our common fight.

The fight that we will definitely win.

But we will win, if we have a clear cut plan before us.

Let me share a way how to ensure this does happen and force putin into peace.

Point number one – Lend-Lease Act 2022

In February 1941, Churchill’s Britain was the sole obstacle fighting Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

He famously told the U.S. “give us the tools, and we’ll finish the job”.

In 2022, Ukraine finds herself the sole country fighting putin’s madness.

We therefore ask our Western partners – “give us the tools, we we’ll finish the job”.

Adopt a land-lease act similar to the US Lend-Lease Act of 1941 authorizing national governments to supply Ukraine with necessary materials, including food, ammunition, tanks, fighter-jet, anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems.

Point number two – Sky Under Control

With Ukraine’s military acting professionally and heroically on land and at sea against the russian invader, the outcome of russia’s war against Ukraine.

And, thus, the future of peace, stability and security in Europe and over Atlantic is largely dependent on Ukraine’s effective control over its sky.

I can’t understand how one could stay idle and indifferent to our tragedy and not to offer a “no-fly zone”.

But you can still do a lot to provide Ukraine with necessary means to keep its sky under control by Ukraine’s means.

This starts with MiG-29 aircraft available in NATO countries, which could be transferred to Ukraine; and air-defense (surface-to-air) systems, C300 anti-aircraft defense, which would help Ukraine to deny russia air superiority on its own.

Third point – Second Western Front – “All but Boots on the Ground”.

Every day your sanctions against russia curb its ability to bring us to our knees.

But there is still room for you to make these sanctions even more potent.

This means a total trade embargo, including a ban on EU buying russian energy resources (oil, gas).

Every penny you deny to putin, is a penny that will not go into moscow’s war machine.

At least 200 Iskander missiles per day won’t appear if moscow is not paid for oil and gas.

Think of it carefully.

Fourth – “Marshal Plan 2022” to Rebuild Ukraine

putin wants us to despair under his bombs, amid the ruins of our cities.

Our fighters need to know that on top of our ruins, we will build a stronger, even more prosperous Ukraine than the one putin tried to take away from us.

Our Western partners must signal they are already planning for the day-after-tomorrow – to help us rebuild our country without delay.

We suggest it be with the EU participation indeed, and be open for other countries, first of all from G7.

The first three pillars of the Plan could be credits provided to Ukraine, frozen russia’s Central Bank reserves, and a kind of an “energy-for-money” (“energy-for-rebuild”) program of assistance to Ukraine (sales of russian gas and oil would end in a special fund to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure).

There is no time to hesitate. The Plan shall be ready as the earliest possible.

Fifth – Speedy Ukraine’s EU Integration.

We know that the road to join the EU will be a long and difficult one.

But considering our application that is literally sealed with blood of Ukrainians will be the strongest possible sign that we are indeed seen as a part of a United Europe.

We know the pre-accession negotiations will take time.

We know there have been no shortcuts around becoming an actual member.

But with political will, nothing impedes for a political decision to be taken already by the end of 2022 to accept us as a candidate country,” Poroshenko said.

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