Dictators dream of world of theft, power and lies

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Iranians steal oil from Greek tankers and detain Greek sailors, russians steal everything they can from the occupied Ukrainian cities and deport our citizens to russia. This is the world that dictators dream of – the world of theft, the world of the victory of audacious power and lies, writes Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Portnikov for espreso.tv ….. Dictators

At the same time, both the Iranian supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the russian “Ayatollah” vladimir putin respond to accusations of theft with the same words: it’s them! They are robbing us!

Therefore, the world they want to create is also a world of absolute cynicism. Both the Bible and the Koran categorically forbid stealing, lying, and blaming those who are not guilty. Khamenei and putin violate all these commandments. Their compatriots are well aware of this, but they pretend that it should be so, that it is right to lie and steal, that others really steal and lie, while the Iranians and russians themselves defend spirituality and justice.

That is why dictatorships are so dangerous. That is why the victory of Ukraine over russia is important simply for people to remain people.

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