Covert mobilization is being carried out in russia – Head of Intelligence

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Covert mobilization

The head of the General Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, Major General Kirill Budanov, confirmed that russia is carrying out a mobilization, reports this with reference to its inclusion on the air of the national telethon.

“I now confirm this – russia is conducting covert mobilization. They go two ways. The first is the actual actions, which are called covert mobilization. And the second is the use of reservists, and they call it “BARS” (abbreviation from the russian “combat army reserve of the country”), – the head of the GUR explained.

He added that enemy reservists are involved in combat operations on short-term contracts. There are even captured russians in Ukraine who were brought to fight precisely according to such a system.

Budanov also explained why russian federation does not dare to mobilize people openly. There are two main factors behind this:

Economic factors – in the case of economic sanctions, the impact will be more significant.

Propaganda trap – it will be hard to explain to people why open mobilization is being carried out. Indeed, in official statements, the country’s leadership says that “everything is going well.”

Also, according to Ukraine’s intelligence, russia has started to consider legislation changes, particularily in parts relating conscription.

First of all, they want to allow conscription not twice a year, as it works now, but any time they need. In addition, they want to increase the responsibility for evading military service.

russia is now already experiencing a sharp shortage of personnel in its military units, the articles notes. Therefore, the enemy does not accumulate troops but immediately throws them into fierce battles.

Confirmation of this is one of the prisoners, the video of which was released on May 9.

“This occupier was mobilized by BARS only in April. Subsequently, he already fell into the hands of our defenders. However, he may consider himself to be lucky. After all, many russians simply get killed”, the article stresses.

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