Union of Journalists of Ukraine accused Deutsche Welle of justifying war against Ukraine

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Deutsche Welle

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine demands that Deutsche Welle withdraw material justifying russia’s war and armed aggression against Ukraine, said Serhiy Tomilenko, chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

“It is unacceptable that Deutsche Welle justifies war and armed aggression against Ukraine. The respected media echoes putin’s narratives and his shameful lies, even when quoted from the heroine of the interview. It is inadmissible to publish such texts without editorial commentary, which should condemn the aggression against Ukraine and condemn the brutal destruction of the civilian population, “Tomilenko wrote.

In addition, the union called on the European Federation of Journalists to promptly analyze the Deutsche Welle text for adherence to the principles of journalistic ethics. The union also asks journalists’ associations to provide advice to the Western media on how to avoid spreading putin’s propaganda on the basis of a balance of opinions.

“My colleagues from the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and I are disappointed that Deutsche Welle passed this editorial guidebook (editorial rules), which was considered one of the best in the civilized media. This material should be removed from the publication immediately so as not to be ashamed,” Tomilenko stressed.

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