Kherson residents forced to apply for russian passports under torture

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russian invaders detained and tortured civilians in the temporarily occupied city of Kherson to make them condemn the “Ukrainian regime”, “welcome the russian army,” and sign applications for russian passports. This issue was addressed by a member of the Kherson regional council, Serhii Hlan, reported.

“There was a statement allegedly from the residents of Kherson that they want to get russian passports. But that is not true. Kherson’s detained and tortured residents were required to sign documents condemning the Ukrainian regime, welcoming russian troops, and applying for a russian passport. Under torture, people were forced to put their signatures. These measures were taken to indicate that Kherson residents allegedly wanted to obtain russian citizenship. But no one will come to get these passports, even if people had to sign the documents,” Hlan stressed.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine emphasized that the forced passportization of Ukrainians in the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions is yet one more piece of evidence of the criminal goal of russia’s war against Ukraine.

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