UN chief should resign if he fails to establish humanitarian corridor from Mariupol – diplomat

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antonio guterres

Former Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Valeriy Chaly believes that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres should resign if he fails to establish a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol after his trip to moscow.

The diplomat said this in an interview with Radio NV, ukrinform.net reports.

“Just imagine – the UN has failed to respond to security challenges, and there are only humanitarian [challenges] left. If they do not show any results here as well, Mr. Gutteres should resign if he does not make a [humanitarian] corridor to Mariupol,” Chaly said.

He noted that russia’s war against Ukraine is a challenge to world security, to which the UN cannot but respond, but the secretary general of the organization decided to visit Ukraine only two months after the invasion started.

“After two months of war, after Bucha and after everything else, Mr. Gutteres finally decided to visit [Ukraine] because the criticism was serious. They wrote in many publications: if there is no such trip, the UN can be forgotten at all,” Chaly said.

At the same time, he said, Gutteres’s decision to visit moscow and then Kyiv was “not a mistake, it is, unfortunately, a very conscious step.”

The former ambassador added that he had personal meetings with the UN Secretary General and considers him a good politician and an experienced diplomat.

“But times have changed so much that you can’t just be a good politician, you have to achieve results. If you can’t achieve results, get off the historical arena, give way to others,” Chaly said.

At a press conference on April 23, President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for his decision to visit russia before traveling to Ukraine and said that Kyiv expects full support from him.

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