Ukrainian soldiers already use Black Hawk helicopter [video]

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Black Hawk

Fighters of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine have mastered and are using the legendary American Black Hawk helicopter in combat operations.

“The other day, on one of the directions of the front, regular training of special units of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense on interaction with the Black Hawk multi-purpose helicopter took place. The special forces practiced the landing of combat groups on the battlefield, evacuation, disembarking from landing ropes, as well as night flights,” the message reads.

According to pilots, this combat vehicle is significantly ahead of the Soviet counterparts Mi-8 and Mi-24 in almost all characteristics.

“The helicopter impresses with its reliability, ease of operation and combat survivability,” the flight engineer said. According to him, the Ukrainian crews mastered the Black Hawk extremely quickly – in a matter of hours. “Having experience operating the Mi-8 and Mi-24, we flew on the Black Hawk the first day we received it. We just sat down and flew,” the Ukrainian pilot noted.

According to defenders, the Black Hawk is many times more maneuverable than the Mi-8, and is better in terms of horizontal flight speed. The helicopter is capable of flying continuously for about three hours and can easily cover a distance of more than 600 kilometers.

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