Ukrainian Language Banished From Donbas and Crimea

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The instruction of the Ukrainian language has been virtually wiped out in areas that moscow controls in eastern Ukraine where an armed conflict has simmered since April 2014, the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (KHPG) says, rferl informs.

Citing a report published earlier this month by Dmytro Durnev, a journalist from the city of Donetsk, KHPG said that Ukrainian-language teaching was phased out in 2014-2016. “This is very clearly a ‘Russification’ program,” KHPG said.

The same has happened in Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula where russia eventually shuttered all seven Ukrainian-language schools since taking it over in early 2014. moscow-directed authorities on the peninsula have also reduced the number of Crimean-Tatar language schools there by more than half, leaving only seven municipal educational institutions open.

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