Government cancels tender results awarding offshore gas production rights to US-based company

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oil gas sea rig

Ukraine’s government has canceled a decision to grant a right to a US-based energy investment company Trident Acquisitions to produce gas from Ukraine’s offshore Dolphin block on the Black Sea’s continental shelf.

“We canceled the decision, said the new energy minister Oleksiy Orzhel, reversing the July 26th tender results when Trident Acquisitions, led by former russian MP Ilya Ponomarev, won the right to explore and extract natural gas from Ukraine’s offshore shelf.

Four companies had previously applied for the competition. Among them – Trident Black Sea, American Frontera Resources, Caspian Drilling Company LTD and Ukrnaftoburinnya, the beneficiary of which is Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky who has connections to many people among the new generation of Ukrainian politicians.

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