Ukrainian-led cyberattacks diminished russian propaganda on 9 May

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Ukrainian IT army continues to fight on the cyberfront and successfully attacked more than 240 russian sites during one week, Ukraine’s digital transformation ministry said in a statement.

“IT army is defending the cyber front and pounding the enemy. On May 9-15, at least 240 russian online resources came under the attacks,’ – the statement says.

Because of the Ukrainian-led cyberattacks on russian media sites and online television, russians were unable to receive a holiday portion of propaganda on May 9, the officials stress.

Among other things, hackers managed to ‘paralyze’ the sites of the shoe-makers providing footwear to the russian army. They have also targeted the enemy’s air sector disrupting online sales of air tickets.

Hackers also attacked russian services of project management, email marketing, online surveys, and CRM systems, the ministry adds.

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