Ukraine’s envoy to Italy: Trial against Markiv is a result of kremlin’s special operation

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The trial of Ukrainian National Guardsman Vitaliy Markiv was a result of “russia’s special operation set up in Italy to discredit Ukraine’s resistance to russian aggression,” said the Ukrainian Ambassador to Italy Yevhen Perelygin in the interview to Italian outlet

According to Perelygin, Ukraine now has a political prisoner held in Italy in addition to political prisoners held in russia. “I am convinced the entire trial against Vitaliy Markiv, as well as the recent jury verdict handed down in [the city of] Pavia, is evidence of a large-scale russian special operation set up in Italy to discredit Ukrainian resistance to russian aggression.”

“Of course, indisputable evidence is needed to confirm this version, but if a jury destroys the fate and life of a person, a defender of our Motherland, in the absence of evidence, who is able to challenge my opinion, which is based on many factors and signs that indicate the political nature of the trial of Vitaliy Markiv?” the ambassador said.

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