Daily Beast: Oliver Stone’s New “Documentary” is a Pro-putin Propaganda

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When at the end of June Oliver Stone announced that he would present new documentary, Revealing Ukraine, at the Taormina Film Festival in Sicily, not many people noticed, writes The Daily Beast.

The only media that did take an interest was controlled by either the russian government or a certain Ukrainian businessman. The re-use of so many elements from Stone’s previous documentary, Ukraine on Fire, screams of a bargain-bin production. In fact the promotional poster for Revealing Ukraine even uses the exact same photo of Stone from that of Ukraine on Fire—and in the same position no less. Stone’s opening line in the trailer is: “Good morning Mr Medvedchuk, I’m Oliver Stone.”

Viktor Medvedchuk has remained an ominous figure in Ukrainian politics, despite a period lying low after the 2014 Maidan revolution, during which his office was raided by activists who discovered, inter alia, a portrait of the man often dubbed Ukraine’s prince of darkness in full, Napoleonic-era imperial military regalia.

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