Ukraine rises to 11th place in ranking of world’s largest steel producers

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Ukraine climbed to 11th place in the ranking of the world’s largest steel producers in the first quarter of 2020, Ukrmetalurgprom Association reported.

“Ukraine climbed to 11th position among 62 world’s largest steel producers (5.32 million tonnes or 96.6% against Q1 2019), shifting Italy to 12th position,” reads the statement. At the same time, Ukraine fell from 9th to 10th position among 40 world’s largest pig iron producers, giving way to USA.

In the ranking of the world’s largest pig iron producers, the first place belongs to China, which produced 199.74 million tonnes in January-March 2020. China leads in world steel production as well. Chinese steelmakers produced 234.45 million tonnes, with a share of 52.9% of the world’s market.

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