Ukraine is second largest exporter of organic products to EU

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In 2019, Ukraine became the second largest exporter of organic products to the European Union. This is stated in the annual report of the European Commission “EU imports of organic agri-food products. Key developments in 2019.”

“Ukraine has significantly strengthened its positions in the EU organic market. In 2019, Ukraine ranked 2nd out of 123 countries in terms of the volume of imported organic products to the EU, climbing two places compared to the previous year. In 2019, 3.24 million tonnes of organic agri-food products were imported into the EU, and more than 10% came from Ukraine,” the statement reads.

As noted, Ukrainian exports to the European Union increased by 27% – from 265,820 tonnes in 2018 to 337, 860 tonnes in 2019. The main imported products from Ukraine are cereals (excluding rice and wheat) – 76.9%; wheat – 31.8%; oilseeds (excluding soyabeans) – 18.2%; soyabeans – 13%; fruits – 11%. Ukrainian oilcake, fruit juices and vegetables are also key export products to the EU.

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