UA Army striked 10 enemy strongholds, ammo depots in southern regions

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ammo depots

Over the past day, the Ukrainian defenders in the southern direction engaged enemy strongholds and ammo depots, eliminating a total of 111 russian invaders, the Operational Command South said in a statement.

“Our forces carried out ten airstrikes targeting the enemy: Three of them were helicopter strikes and seven – with the use of bombers and attack aircraft. Enemy strongholds were hit five times, clusters of manpower and equipment in Kherson region – three times, and ammunition depots in Mykolaiv region and Kherson region were hit twice,” the Ukrainian military said.

Missile and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine performed more than 200 fire missions, as a result of which the enemy lost 111 soldiers, a Msta-B howitzer, two self-propelled artillery and mortar installations Nona-S, an Eleron-type unmanned aerial vehicle, and 13 armored and other vehicles.

As noted, the destruction of the command and control and observation posts, as well as six more ammunition depots in the Kherson, Beryslav and Kakhovsky districts, has been confirmed

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