UA Army eliminates communications station and three ammo depots in country’s south

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UA Army

The Ukrainian military eliminated 25 russian invaders, a powerful communications station, and three ammunition depots in the past day alone, the Operational Command “South” said in a statement.

“The Ukrainian forces eliminated 25 ruscist, destroyed a T-62 tank, a Meteorit self-propelled jet mortar, a powerful communications station, a radar, an electronic warfare station, two military trucks, and three ammunition depots were destroyed throughout the day. During an attempt to carry out air reconnaissance in Mykolaiv region, the enemy also lost two of its Orlan-10 UAVs,” according to the statement.

As reported, the enemy group in the northwestern Black Sea area currently consists of five warships, four landing craft, and a submarine. In refutation of enemy propaganda reports, the statement says the rest of the fleet remains at its bases.

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