Schoolchildren forced to take pictures with putin’s portrait in occupied Melitopol

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occupied Melitopol

In the schools of Melitopol, which are controlled by the кussian occupiers, children are given propaganda lectures and forced to take photos with the portrait of the russian leader putin, local media reported.

It is noted that the first Day of Knowledge in city schools began with an introductory lesson, during which the people of Melitopol were told that such a state as Ukraine does not exist at all, instead there is russia.

“After the lesson, during the break, the children were offered to take a group photo in memory of the Day of Knowledge, but against the background of the portrait of the tyrant vladimir putin. Many children refused to do it. And the next day they did not come to school at all,” the message reads.

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov said that “education in such schools is secondary. The main thing is to brainwash and raise russian flags, and play the anthem of an enemy state.”

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