Burning people alive. russians use heaviest non-nuclear weapons against Ukraine [video]

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non-nuclear weapons

russian invaders use the heaviest non-nuclear weapons against Ukraine, adviser to the Head of the President’s Office, Mykhailo Podolyak, wrote this on Twitter, posting a video of russian Solntsepek flamethrower system performance

“This is the russian Solntsepek flamethrower system. Some partners avoid giving the necessary weapons because of fear of escalation. Escalation, really? russia already uses the heaviest non-nuclear weapons against Ukraine, burning people alive. Maybe it’s time to respond and give us MLRS?” Podolyak wrote.

TOS-1 (heavy flamethrower system) Buratino is a russian 220mm multiple rocket launcher capable of using thermobaric warheads, mounted on a T-72 tank chassis. In 2001, the russians adopted an improved system TOS-1A Solntsepek.

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