Theresa May approved campaign to disrupt putin

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theresa may

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May has approved the list of six wealthy high-profile russians that has been drawn up by intelligence agencies in an attempt to disrupt their ability to travel and to maintain their business empires, The Telegraph reports.

The names of the oligarchs will be circulated across Whitehall departments and shared with the UK’s allies in Europe and in North America. Roman Abramovich is among a group of russian oligarchs to be targeted by British intelligence as part of a sustained campaign to disrupt Vladimir putin.

Intelligence agencies are reportedly looking to block the oligarchs’ ability to travel and run their empires by revoking visas, imposing travel restrictions and inspect their financial and property assets.

It signals a ratcheting up of Britain’s new cold war with the kremlin following the nerve agent attack on Salisbury in March.



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