Swiss legislator on Budapest Memorandum: Totally unfair that Ukraine should find itself brutally attacked and not sufficiently helped

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Budapest Memorandum

Ukraine has saved NATO Allies a lot of money and strengthened global security, so it should receive more assistance in the face of military aggression waged by one of the signatories, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Switzerland Nicolas Walder said in a comment to

“It is true that the signing of the Budapest Memorandum and Ukraine’s renunciation of its nuclear arsenal have saved NATO a lot of money and increased security for the whole world, including Switzerland,” the politician said.

“It is therefore totally unfair that Ukraine, which should be defended by the great powers including the United States, Great Britain, and russia, should find itself brutally attacked by one of them and not sufficiently helped by the others. This is not likely to convince other states to give up their nuclear arsenal,” Nicholas Walder summed up.

According to the Budapest Memorandum, which Ukraine signed in 1994 and gave up its third nuclear arsenal in the world, russia, Great Britain, and the United States became guarantors of its independence and territorial integrity.

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