russians torture civilians, create concentration camps

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In Chernihiv and the Kherson region, as well as in Mangush and Melekino, where the residents of Mariupol fled, there is now a serious humanitarian catastrophe due to lack of food and necessities, the Commissioner of the Ukrainian Parliament for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova said.

Denisova noted that the russian army turns the occupied and surrounded settlements into concentration camps, where the civilian population is starving. According to her, the inhabitants of Mariupol, who fled from the bombing of russian invaders in Mangush and Melekino, are dying of hunger. “The occupiers do not allow humanitarian cargo with food, medicines, essentials,” the ombudsman said.

Also, as Denisova noted, Chernihiv suffers from a humanitarian catastrophe, where there is no electricity, no heat, no water. She recalls that fruitless negotiations with the occupying forces on evacuation and a humanitarian corridor have been ongoing for a week.

“Occupants did not allow 14 trucks with humanitarian aid to enter the Kherson region. russian militants forced 14 trucks with humanitarian aid to return halfway,” the Ombudswoman added.

“Depriving the civilian population of food and medicine is nothing but torture and direct violations of the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights,” she added.

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