To maximize casualties and destruction. russians start dropping parachute bombs on Kharkiv

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parachute bombs

russian invaders are now targeting the second biggest Ukrainian city with missile dropped on parachutes, says press service of the Kharkiv City Council with reference to Mayor Ihor Terekhov.

“The enemy has been bombing Kharkiv for a month and a half. The last two days, along with mines, shells, Grad systems, Kharkiv suffers the bombing of a new type. The russian aggressor drops parachute bombs. I ask residents not to approach them in any case and immediately inform rescuers by calling 101 or 112,” – press service informs on Telegram.

Terekhov called on Kharkiv residents to stay in bomb shelters and subway stations, especially at night.

The parachute is intended to slow the bomb down during the terminal phase to explode at a predefined altitude to maximize casualties and destruction.

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