dozen times scarier than Bucha. russians try to cover up atrocities in Mariupol

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A photo obtained by the Mariupol city council shows what appears to be an underground passage used by russians as a storage area for dead bodies of city civilians killed during russia’s siege of the city.

‘The image makes the blood run cold. russian are doing everything to cover up the tragedy in Mariupol, as the scale of their crimes is a dozen times scarier than in the Bucha genocide,’ said the city officials, in a caption to the photo.

photo by Mariupol city council

It is reported that russian occupation troops have many storage places like this one scattered around Mariupol, where ‘hundreds of dead bodies’ are piled up before they are either cremated in mobile cremation machines or buried in mass graves.

The largest number of killed civilians was found amassed at a storage facility along the road leading to Stary Krym.

As reported earlier, at least 132 bodies of killed civilians have been recovered in Makariv following russian retreat from Kyiv region.

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