russian tanks that burn in Ukraine were intended for NATO – Estonia’s MFA

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We are aware of the fact that russian tanks, which are now burning in Ukraine, were intended for a large-scale invasion of NATO countries, including Estonia, Urmas Reinsalu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia, said in an interview with

The fact that we give more than 1% of GDP to help Ukraine with weapons and ammunition is undoubtedly our practical help and, at the same time, an element of friendly pressure on allies, Reinsalu said. I urged my colleagues at the meeting of NATO foreign ministers: let’s establish that each country will provide military aid to Ukraine in the amount of 1% of GDP, he added.

According to Reinsalu, this will guarantee many times more than what has already been provided this year, and it will literally make a difference. “This game-changer would be historic. And, of course, Estonia had to set an example, otherwise, it’s just rhetoric,” Reinsalu said.

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