Russian fake experts have penetrated social media in the Philippines

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Russian disinformation and network systems have penetrated social media in the Philippines, tapping so-called “experts” to lend legitimacy and credibility to false information being peddled and spread online, Rappler reports.

It has found links between the disinformation ecosystem in the Philippines to Russia and the St Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency (IRA), a state-sponsored troll farm.

Among these links is an alleged “geopolitical expert” named Adam Garrie, who writes for websites known to spread misleading claims, and who has been quoted extensively in online posts and interviewed by news networks with links to Iran and Russia.

Garrie has also been identified in a research paper by New Knowledge about the Russian IRA as being part of the “broader propaganda ecosystem.” He is a contributor to,, and – all segments of the disinformation networks connected to the IRA and Russia. A Russian IP address is traceable from the last two sites.

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