russia wants Scythian gold, threatens Dutch judges with consequences

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Scythian gold

The museums of the russian-occupied Crimea have allegedly filed a cassation appeal with the Supreme Court of the Netherlands against the decision to return the Scythian gold collection to Ukraine. This was announced by the speaker of the occupation administration in Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov on his Facebook page.

“It would be good for the Amsterdam judges to remember Bismarck’s words about how to deal with the russians and that they will always come for what belongs to them,” he wrote, stressing that the people of Amsterdam should not forget about that.

As reported, the collection of Scythian gold had been delivered to the Allard Pearson Museum in Amsterdam as part of the exhibition entitled “Crimea – the Gold and Secrets of the Black Sea” prior to the illegal annexation of Crimea by the russian Federation.

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