russia responsible for any grain shortages – EU’s foreign policy chief

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grain shortages

Due to its war against Ukraine, russia is “directly responsible” for shortages in the international trade in grains, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell stated.

“Wars of aggression cannot be permitted. EU sanctions target russia’s capacity to continue with the war. They do not target wheat. Agriculture products and their transport are explicitly excluded. russia’s ongoing blockade of Ukraine’s ports, is preventing the export of tons of grain, like corn and wheat, currently trapped in Ukraine, one of the main world producers,” he wrote.

As he emphasized, russia is directly responsible for any shortages in international trade in grains.

“russia is directly responsible for any shortages in international trade in grains, and instead of ending its aggression, is actively seeking to transfer responsibility on international sanctions. This is #disinformation” Borrell stressed.

He noted that the EU will continue to show its full solidarity with countries around the world in addressing the war consequences.

“President putin needs to end his war against Ukraine. Ukraine’s territorial integrity must be restored. This is in the interest of the entire international community. We #StandwithUkraine”, the European Union’s foreign policy chief said.

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