russia pays Bulgarian politicians and journalists €2000 a month to spread propaganda – government spokesperson

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The Bulgarian secret services have data showing that russia pays about €2000 (BGN 4,000) per month to public figures, journalists, and politicians to spread its propaganda in the country, a government spokesperson and head of the prime minister’s office, Lena Borislavova told Darik radio, reports.

The government lost a no-confidence vote but will stay in power until a new one is formed or, if that is impossible, until the president dissolves parliament.

The head of the prime minister’s office noted that the money was given to Bulgarian politicians, famous journalists, analysts, political scientists, and other persons appearing in the public media. According to Borislavova, the russian federation paid them to shape public opinion.

“To all of you who spit on the EU and NATO for free, as well as support putin’s actions in Ukraine, you should know. You are screwed up. Those who inspire you to do so are paid. Monthly,” she stressed.

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