Residents of occupied and devastated Mariupol dying from lack of medicines

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Residents of Mariupol, temporarily occupied by russian troops, are dying from the lack of medicines, the Mariupol City Council said in a statement.

“The residents of occupied Mariupol are dying from the lack of medicines. In the city, there is a shortage of medicines for cancer patients, people with diabetes, tuberculosis, and thyroid gland problems,” Mariupol Mayor  Vadym Boychenko said.

According to him, these people are at risk and cannot wait for invaders to deliver medicines, their lives are in danger. After all, for more than two months, the russians and their accomplices, the self-proclaimed authorities of Mariupol, have been blocking residents’ normal access to drinking water, sufficient food and medicines.

“Yesterday, a healthy athlete – 2 meters tall and weighing 120 kg – had his two legs amputated. Why? After experiencing stress due to military actions, he had an insulin crisis.

Due to the lack of necessary medicines and proper healthcare support in the city, he became a person with a disability. And this is not an isolated case. Limb amputation [is offered] instead of high-quality treatment with drugs. ‘Quick decisions’ [are made] that maim and kill the residents of Mariupol,” the mayor stressed.

He called on the international community to assess the humanitarian disaster in the city and the genocide of its residents. The mayor urged to do everything possible to organize help for the residents of Mariupol.

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