Poland recognized russian government as terrorist regime

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terrorist regime

Poland’s Senate voted for a resolution recognizing the russian authorities as a terrorist regime, polskieradio.pl reported.

Read also: Estonia’s parliament declares russia as a terrorist regime[/su_pullquote”Ukraine today defends democracy and freedom. russian invaders terrorize residents of Ukrainian cities by bombing civilian objects: kindergartens, schools, theaters, and housing estates. Bandits in russian uniforms torture and kill prisoners of war and civilians in the occupied territories,” the resolution reads.

“We know all these acts of state terrorism well from the pages of history. The Europeans believed that they would never be threatened by genocide and war crimes. Meanwhile, putin and his apparatus of violence have returned to the brutal practices of the Stalinist and Nazi regimes. Therefore, it is necessary to defeat russia and deprive it of any opportunity to threaten its neighbors,” the document added.

“The Senate of the Republic of Poland once again strongly condemns russian aggression and calls on all countries that advocate peace, democracy and human rights to recognize the government of the russian Federation as a terrorist regime,” the resolution reads.

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