International students spend over $3 bln in Ukraine during their studies

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Each foreign student in Ukraine spends 6-8 thousand dollars annually on education purposes on average, according to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. These figures are based on the approximate calculations of the Ukrainian State Center for International Education.

“Education of foreign students in Ukrainian educational institutions is not only the country’s image but also an important component of investments in the economy. According to the approximate calculations of Ukrainian State Center for International Education, a foreign student, receiving higher education in Ukraine spends at least 6-8 thousand dollars annually,” the report states.

As of January 1, 2020, 80,470 foreign students from 158 countries studied at Ukrainian universities, the press service informs.

According to the Center, in 2019, the total cost of tuition, accommodation, insurance, paperwork, food, transport and other needs of foreign students studying in Ukraine amounted to more than $ 570 million.

“If the average duration of study is 5-6 years, then in general, Ukraine’s income from foreign students for this period is more than $3 billion, ” the Ministry adds.

The study also reveals that the top ten countries by origin of foreign students in Ukraine include India (18,429 people), Morocco (8,233), Azerbaijan (5,470), Turkmenistan (5,344), Nigeria (4,379), Turkey (3,764), China (3,527), Egypt ( 3,499), Israel (2,561), and Uzbekistan (2,027).

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