“Not-so-sober statement.” Zelensky said that no one will fall for “judgment day” threats from russia

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threats from russia

No one accepts the intimidation by russian politicians [Dmitry Medvedev – UT] about the alleged “judgment day” for Ukraine, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky was cited as saying by ukrinform.net.

“Today, another not-so-sober statement about the alleged ‘judgment day’ for Ukraine came from russia. Of course, no one will accept such intimidation. But look how cynical it is to say such a thing today – on the anniversary of the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing by russia in the sky over the Ukrainian Donbas. In an apparent act of terrorism, 298 people were killed: 80 children, citizens of 10 countries. Even then, russia was following this path – toward the status of a terrorist state and toward a special tribunal, which will definitely hear russian aggression against Ukraine,” the president emphasized.

This will be a judgment day for russia – not in a figurative sense, not as some loud statement, but literally, he added.

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