Moscow exploits German politics before EU elections

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With the European elections only three weeks away, the Kremlin and its media are once again ramping up their attempts to influence the political debate in Germany and exploit the situation for their benefit, writes

As in previous election campaigns, Kremlin media undertake the difficult task of portraying Putin’s Russia as a “good neighbor” of Germany while simultaneously exacerbating the country’s political and social tensions. The current German political landscape, with six main parties representing opposing views in the German Bundestag, provides a suitable framework by which the Kremlin can sow division and polarize the debate.

As earlier, parties on the extremes of the ideological spectrum are the Kremlin’s “natural allies.” These parties are useful for the Kremlin’s pre-election propaganda campaign in their support for an inwardly focused German foreign policy and their antipathy for the European Union.

As reported earlier, German far-right MP ‘could be absolutely controlled by Russia.

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