Lithuania to proceed with sanctions over transit to Kaliningrad

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Lithuania will continue to implement the terms of the fourth package of EU sanctions against russia and stop the transit of other goods to Kaliningrad Oblast from July 10, when the restrictions are set to come into effect, Lithuania’s Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said that the country was cited by

Carriers were informed that from July 10, certain guidelines regarding sanctions will come into force, so that they do not load cargo after that date, Simonyte added.

As reported, from July 10, restrictions on the transit of cement, alcohol, and luxury goods will be imposed, and the ban on coal and other solid fossil fuels will be enacted on August 10.

It is also noted that since June 17, EU sanctions on the transportation of steel and ferrous metals through the territory of Lithuania to russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast have been in effect.

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