Lavrov admired Nazi Germany doping system at informal CIS meeting – media

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Nazi Germany

russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reportedly admires Nazi Germany for doping system, according to a tape handed over to by a source with the Ukrainian intelligence.

During informal talks with CIS [the Commonwealth of Independent States – UT] diplomats Sergei Lavrov’s allegedly admired the successes of East and West Germany at the Olympic Games, emphasizing that they were the result of a correct doping system based on Nazi research conducted in concentration camps.

“Back then, someone even calculated that if you add up [medals – UT] gained by the FRG and the GDR, they would be almost on top. A smart doping system was based on Nazi developments from concentration camps,” says the voice on the tape, purportedly that of Sergei Lavrov.

As reported, Ukraine’s UN ambassador advises russians to seek mental help.

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