It is necessary to rapidly increase production of German military-industrial complex to help Ukraine – Bundestag MP

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In the context of a long-term conflict, the German government must act decisively to increase the production of the German military-industrial complex in order to provide the necessary continuous military assistance to Ukraine, Tobias Winkler, member of the Bundestag Committee on European Union Affairs, was cited as saying by

“When the war began, the slowness of our government was not relevant to the needs that Ukraine had and the necessary speed to solve them, and was caused by the need to convince people who feared russia’s reaction of the need for such assistance.

It was also caused by the active work of the russian Federation to disinform the German public about the nuclear threat, and so on. But in general, this is a lack of leadership, if the chancellor himself was sure of the need for such actions to help Ukraine and acted decisively, people would follow the leader, and he would get the necessary public support,” the politician said.

“The situation is the same today when we are talking about a decisive transformation of the strategy of Germany’s military assistance to Ukraine for a long-term, in the current nature of the war. Today, this decisiveness is needed in the matter of increasing the productivity of the military industry, in expanding its capabilities.

Industry representatives need to get contracts and commitments. And here I think that we lost a lot of time. With the right approach, such a policy and everything necessary for the German military-industrial complex could have been in March last year. Instead, we are not ready even now, we do not have sufficient productivity to provide military assistance to Ukraine continuously in a war of attrition. As an example, let’s take the key issue – ammunition. The available capacities are not enough, this is a serious challenge that needs to be addressed,” he said.

“Moreover, this issue will not be closed with the end of the war. When the war is over, we will need even more weapons, we need to strengthen our Armed Forces. Therefore, building up the capabilities of the military-industrial complex today is not only about helping Ukraine, it is also about our national security,” summed up Winkler.

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