Investigative expert: Shishov’s death in Kyiv was no suicide

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The Bellingcat international investigative group has been working for several days on a tip about the FSB operatives who have allegedly infiltrated Belarusian opposition circles temporarily residing in Ukraine,investigative expertsChristo Grozev said in an interview with Echo of moscow, reported.

“For several days, we’ve been working on the tip we got that there are FSB operatives in Kyiv who have somehow infiltrated Belarusian opposition groups, opposition figures who are in Ukraine,” Grozev said, commenting on the death of Belarusian NAGO chief Vitaliy Shishov in Kyiv.

According to the Bellingcat expert, this fact also “gives more than just a feeling to suggest” that Shishov’s death was no suicide, but most likely a special operation.”

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