Holodomor-denying professor will face no disciplinary measures

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The University of Alberta issued a statement outlining its response to the controversy surrounding assistant lecturer Dougal MacDonald who said the Holodomor is a “myth,” thegatewayonline.ca reports.

The university said in the statement that MacDonald’s views are his own and do not represent the institution. Additionally, the statement made no mention if MacDonald was to face any reprimand or punitive measures for his comments.

The statement was signed by President David Turpin, dean of the faculty of education — MacDougal’s home faculty — Jennifer Tupper, dean of the faculty of arts Lesley Cormack, and director of the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) Jars Balan. In it the university outlined its response to MacDougal’s comments. This will include:

  • launching a Rapid Research Response project (hosted by the Kule Institute for Advanced Studies) — which will result in a website designed to educate students and the public about the Holodomor;
  • hosting the Holodomor Bus at the earliest opportunity and facilitating opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Education to engage with the exhibit;
  • displaying materials in the Faculty of Education for teaching about the Holodomor; and
  • holding an annual Holodomor Lecture.
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