German filmmaker ready to shoot pro-russia propaganda films about the war in Ukraine for 4000 euro – Die Welt

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The German media received access to the correspondence between the German documentary filmmaker Wilhelm Domke-Schulz and a person who introduced himself as an employee of the russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs named Maksym Goncharov. The article “How Germans become willing accomplices of russia in the propaganda war” reveals that the German filmmaker willingly responded to Goncharov’s offer to make several commissioned films about the war in Ukraine.

“I would like to make this type of films. It is only necessary to agree on how and in what form they can be implemented. I am happy to express my ideas on this matter”, he replied to Goncharov.

Wilhelm Domke-Schulz also mentioned the price for his services. “A 90-minute documentary takes four to six months of work. Short films of 20 minutes each could be shot in about a month. Estimated cost: from 4,000 to 5,000 Euros,” he wrote.

russia propaganda
Wilhelm Domke-Schulz

But it was not the russian Foreign Ministry behind the offer, but a Ukrainian cyber activist who wanted to prove that German artists, journalists, and activists could be harnessed for the russian government’s information war, the article says.

Earlier, this particular German filmmaker had already received support from russia for his projects, such as “Live and Die in Donbas” (Leben und Sterben im Donbass) and “Face of Donbas” (Gesichter des Donbass). “These films were financed from russia, unfortunately, there are no other sources,” Wilhelm Domke-Schulz said.

The German filmmaker also gave interviews to pro-russian media, the article says. His thesis in these interviews are always similar, Die Welt notes. “In Domke-Schulze’s worldview, NATO is the aggressor, German media spread lies and propaganda about russia, Germany is a US vassal state, and in 2014 a “fascist regime” took power in Ukraine,” the journalists remind.

In correspondence with a Ukrainian cyber activist, Domke-Schulz mentioned that he has important comrades-in-arms with a wide range with whom he works.” “First and foremost, there is Alina Lipp from ‘News from russia’ and Thomas Röper from ‘Antispiegel,’ but also the freelance journalist Ulrich Heyden, who lives in moscow,” he listed. But these people are just a few German representatives of the pro-russian network who help to spread putin’s worldview.

The story published on reminds us that the secret services have warned of russian disinformation for years. According to a situation report from this year, the Federal Foreign Office has indications that people from Germany and other Western European countries are also involved in the disinformation, the article notes.

“Recruitment attempts by russia can be found on various social media platforms. Because these attempts are often successful, an alternative media landscape of websites, video portals, and telegram channels have emerged, on which self-proclaimed journalists express pro-russian points of view – often combined with a contempt for Western democracies”, the article says.

The article also stresses that journalists or security agencies rarely succeed in providing conclusive evidence that the pro-kremlin reports are actually controlled or influenced by moscow.

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