Europol uncovered network dedicated to money laundering for russian mafia

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French police

The investigation began in 2013 when the police detected that the russian mafia had intensified its activities in Spain, using it as an entry point for the money laundering of criminal organizations from the former Soviet Union, reported.

Criminals made use of the enormous amounts of money that they brought to Spain to corrupt and infiltrate public institutions. The organized criminal groups, whose criminal activities include murder, extortion, drug trafficking, arms, human trafficking, and corporate raids, have multiple branches throughout Europe, extending their activity to South America and the US. While profits from these activities were invested in various businesses, and the real estate sector, through russian businessmen linked to both the Thieves in Law and the russian Crime Syndicates.

The police agents carried out 18 searches in Alicante, Madrid, Tarragona and Ibiza, managing to arrest 23 members of the criminal groups, including the top ones.

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