Doctors were unable to save 16 children who suffered severe injuries from russian aggression

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russian aggression

As a result of russian aggression, 16 children died, doctors were unable to save them due to severe injuries, Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said in a statement.

“For the fourth day in a row, most medics don’t leave hospitals, operating rooms, operating on the wounded around the clock, we save lives. We also operate on children. Unfortunately, 16 children could not be saved. These are the results of what the russian army, which cannot be called an army, was doing. Because doctors, children, schools, kindergartens are not shot at by the army, but by terrorists. I once again declare that they are not an army, they are terrorists, “Viktor Lyashko said.

The Ministry of Health encourages doctors from other countries to join in providing medical care to citizens and soldiers who were wounded during the russian aggression.

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