Danish Prime Minister at Peace Summit: If we don’t stand up for our principles, what are we all worth?

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The basis and path to peace in Ukraine should be a commitment to the UN Charter, international law and the principles of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, around which the participants of the Global Peace Summit have united, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, said during a speech at the Peace Summit in Switzerland.

The head of the Danish government noted that russia’s continued and relentless attacks against Ukrainian cities and people show how far we are from peace today. “Yet we stand strong. We gathered here today around our shared understanding and shared fundamental commitment the UN Charter and and international law, the principles of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. This is our baseline and has to be our baseline for our path towards peace. If we do not stand up for these principles, than what are we all worth?” Frederiksen said.

She emphasized that we cannot accept a world in which borders can be changed by military force, where the aggressor sets the rules. According to her, upon arriving at the Summit, its participants assumed a “special responsibility and common interest” in achieving a just and lasting peace for Ukraine.

“I think all of us know that it is not easy to achieve a just and sustainable peace, especially because russia does not want peace either in Ukraine, or in neighboring states, or in the Sahel region, or in the Middle East. Therefore, we need to continue to talk to each other, we have to listen across continents and move forward together,” summed up the Prime Minister of Denmark.

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